Fraser Island

Queensland, Australia
Location Map   We did a day trip to the World Heritage listed Fraser Island in September 2005. It is the largest sand island in the world.
1: Location Map
Early Start   We made an early start with a trip via back roads of the hinterland.
2: Early Start
Onto The Beach   We left the road at Rainbow Beach and continued north to meet the ferry.
3: Onto The Beach
Dual Carriageway 1   The fishermen didn't take much notice - 4WD traffic is common here.
4: Dual Carriageway 1
Under The Lines   We hoped the lines were high enough so we did not cause a snag.
5: Under The Lines
Our Transport   Our comfortable vehicle for the day - much better than some we have ridden in.
6: Our Transport
Ferry Ride   We didn't have to wait long for the short trip across to the island.
7: Ferry Ride
Fraser Island   We stayed on the island for about 6 hours, covering many kilometres -  many of them along the beach.
8: Fraser Island
Follow The Leader   We set off along 75 Mile Beach - we had a long way to go!
9: Follow The Leader
Mile After Mile   Fraser Island is 123km long and 22km at its widest point. There are over 100 freshwater lakes on the island
10: Mile After Mile
Dual Carriageway 2   We shared the beach not only with fishermen but aircraft as well.
11: Dual Carriageway 2
Taking Off   After watching the plane take off we left the beach and travelled inland.
12: Taking Off
Timber Country   Fraser Island is the only place in the world where tall rainforests are found  growing on sand dunes above elevations of 200m.
13: Timber Country
Central Station   Central Station was the centre of the forestry industry when logging was allowed.
14: Central Station
Old Wheels   One of many relics remaining to give visitors a sense of past times.
15: Old Wheels
Forest Walk   A scenic boardwalk through the rainforest provided a great experience.
16: Forest Walk
Scribbly Gums   Some of the many species of tree - others includes Hoop Pine and Brushbox.
17: Scribbly Gums
Sandy Creek   The boardwalk travels alongside the Wanggoolba Creek - it is so clear it is difficult to see the flowing water.
18: Sandy Creek
Fabulous Fern   Among the trees are beautiful ferns.
19: Fabulous Fern
Spider's Lair   There were many large holes - fortunately we did not see the inhabitants.
20: Spider's Lair
Off To Lunch   We set off for Lake McKenzie for some lunch and time out.
21: Off To Lunch
Lake McKenzie   This beautiful lake is 100m above sea level, 5m deep and 150 hectares in area.  It is a popular swimming destination.
22: Lake McKenzie
Beware!   We hadn't seen any dingos but they have killed several children on the island.
23: Beware!
Time Out   The sand is almost pure silica giving the beach its pure white colour,  The water is some of the least polluted lake water in the world.
24: Time Out
Beach Bums   Couldn't resist this one - I had the caption before I had the photo.
25: Beach Bums
Backpackers   And I thought snails carried a lot on their backs!
26: Backpackers
Lunch Time   A good old Aussie BBQ!
27: Lunch Time
Goanna   A goanna was observing us from above.  There are around 25 species of these monitor lizards found in Australia.
28: Goanna
Black Bird   Although this bird was used to visitors I wouldn't want to receive a kiss from it.
29: Black Bird
Chance meeting   And on another tour is a friend I haven't seen for several years - it's a small world.
30: Chance meeting
Homeward Bound   We set off for the mainland via Eurong, a beach resort town.  Eurong offers a range of accommodation and facilities for tourists.
31: Homeward Bound
Eurong   Eurong is one of the few towns in Australia where you'll see only 4WD vehicles.
32: Eurong
Heading South   Back onto 75 Mile Beach, we were hoping to see a dingo before too long...
33: Heading South
Bingo!   Not what we expected - a dingo with it's prize and licking its lips.  I guess this is a major danger for the slow turtles.
34: Bingo!
Dingo   Dingos are mostly seen alone but do rendezvous with a pack every few days. .
35: Dingo
Almost There   The final long leg back to the ferry and the mainland.
36: Almost There
Treacherous Tides   One 4WD that did not escape the fast incoming tides near Rainbow Beach.  A local hotel has over 100 amazing photos of other such 'carwrecks'.
37: Treacherous Tides
Break Time   Our final break was at Rainbow Beach - tea and coffee were very welcome.
38: Break Time
Rainbow Beach   Rainbow Beach is named because of the coloured sands and rocks in the cliffs. Colours range from yellow through  brown, orange and red.
39: Rainbow Beach
Final View   Beyond the beach buggy is Fraser Island - a great place to visit.
40: Final View